Male medical exam

male medical exam

male medical exam 2

Although the hospital femdom heading you have just learnt is quite trivial to you (in far as you have cognisance of what the fuck woman medic dominancy is), this undressed exam tarzan is feeling quite extraordinary (or rather “omg, I want to stop this right now and slip away!”) when being attacked with fives, feet, dildo and medic stuff of heated Maria and sexed-up Jana.
The naked push-ups (a shameless clinic bumm on the sinewy back), humbling temperature test, rectal inspection with a spreader (good god, how hell painful), pins on the nipples (nope!), double handjob (lol, pretty irritative), love toy ramming (he fuck does not wanna discuss this) and, after all, a sperm shot in a clinic test tube. Yoicks, he seems still alive and well!

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